Fast and resilient Internet Connectivity for Your Business

There should be no compromise when it comes to reliable business broadband. We work closely with you to understand your business needs and check your connectivity options, before providing an affordable solution for better connectivity.

Whether you choose one of our ADSL or fibre broadband packages or one of our dedicated leased lines, we’ll provide a high performing business internet service. Don’t worry if you’re not currently fibre-enabled – our expert team will enable your business to get the high speeds you want.

When it comes to switching, we’ll take care of it all and ensure a seamless migration to our internet service, supported by our unrivalled support.

Of course, internet connections differ around the country and businesses have different needs when it comes to connectivity solutions. There are many things to consider when choosing the right connection, from bandwidth requirements to contention rates, so our goal is to make choosing an internet access solution quick and effortless through our expertise. Which internet connection is best for my business? Discover more below.


Super-Fast Broadband (FTTC Broadband)

Often referred to as ‘Superfast Broadband’, FTTC Fibre Broadband is up to four times faster than ADSL Broadband and is a great option for businesses who rely on a fast, high performing internet connection.

Without investing in dedicated connectivity, Fibre Broadband provides an ideal platform for cloud-based services, so your business can take advantage of remoting working, VoIP and hosted services, significantly increasing the productivity and efficiency of your business.

Is FTTC Fibre Broadband a good fit for my business?

FTTC is an ideal option for expanding businesses who’ve outgrown their ADSL broadband.

  • Helps to maintain the same speeds and performance levels even when multiple users are using your connection
  • FTTC is now available in most locations across the UK
  • FTTC delivers faster speeds than ADSL broadband services, with unlimited usage and up to 80Mbps download / 20Mbps upload
  • FTTC is ideal for businesses who rely on the transfer of large files and use cloud-based applications
  • FTTC connections use the existing copper infrastructure from your premises to the street cabinet and fibre through to the local exchange and back to the core network
  • FTTC is a cost-effective solution for businesses not looking for SLA and guarantees offered with Leased Lines
Network Switch and ethernet cables

Ethernet Leased Lines

As your business grows, leased lines provide a cost-effective next step from ADSL or FTTC. A leased line provides a reliable business broadband connection whether your business is based in the city or rurally.

As an uncontended product, you won’t be sharing your connection with anyone else – it will be dedicated solely to your business; no sharing of bandwidth, exceptional speeds that never, ever slow down, no busy period and no variable line quality. A predictable and reliable broadband solution which is also ideal for supporting remote working, hosted telephony and video conferencing.

Is a Leased Line a good fit for my business?

For guaranteed symmetrical connectivity from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps, business continuity 100% availability SLA, with optional backup circuit to handle failover automatically and a highly scalable bandwidth with rock-solid reliability, a leased line may be the business connectivity solution for you.

  • Great for multi-site companies that rely on centralised sales, ERP or CRM systems
  • Ideal for businesses that require high-grade connectivity for daily operation
  • A great option for organisations looking to build and extend networks and infrastructure
  • Supports deploying high-quality voice, data and hosted services
  • The choice for businesses that employ data-hungry critical applications

GFast Ultrafast Broadband

GFast is the newest and fastest copper-based broadband service that is currently available.

It is an improved version of Fibre to the Cabinet (FTTC) meaning the end-user will achieve speeds up to four times faster than traditional FTTC broadband.  With GFast your download speeds can increase up to a potential 330mbps!

By utilising the current FTTC infrastructure but with the addition of a special pod fitted to your local BT cabinet to alter the speed frequencies of the connection, the change within the frequencies increases the speed through the copper cable. This results in a more reliable broadband with ultrafast speeds. GFast users are typically located no more than 500 metres from their local BT cabinet.

Multi-Site Business Connectivity

We can offer an ideal connectivity solution for multisite businesses; MPLS is a virtual private network (VPN) solution that connects each of your sites together allowing secure exchange of data, cost-effective communication and secure internet break out across all of your sites. AdaptiveComms will work closely with you to fully design and customise your MPLS network, considering the number of sites, users, applications and current connectivity in order to give you the best service.

Switch With Ease

You can be confident that switching to AdaptiveComms as your connectivity provider, there will be no disruption to your business and your operations will remain uninterrupted. Our connectivity installation services are seamless and are backed by a first-class award-winning customer service team.

Wi-Fi & Networking

We can also provide secure, reliable Wi-Fi & network cabling solutions for your business that support mobile working and a full range of modern devices. We have years of experience providing Wi-Fi, cabling and network infrastructure for all sorts of clients & projects, for private and public use, across multiple sites both indoors and outdoors.

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The Benefits of Our Connectivity Solutions

  • Flexible Packages

    Our Ethernet leased lines and business broadband packages differ depending on factors including the desired speed of connection, office location and the length of contract. Leased Lines are slightly more expensive than a traditional Fibre Connection, but it is certainly worth considering making the switch if access to the internet is essential to keep your business operational. Our connectivity solutions are completely tailored to your requirements, so you’ll never pay for services you don’t need.

  • Helpful Hardware & Software

    AdaptiveComms hardware and software is designed to help you operate more efficiently. We don’t simply offer ‘one size fits all’ services; we get to know you, your business and your requirements to offer a bespoke package for you.

  • Implementation Team

    We have a dedicated Implementations team whose role is to fully manage the transfer and installation of your connectivity solution, installing your new system first alongside your existing setup to cause no disruption. Once installed, we’ll seamlessly switch you over. Our aim is to make your job as simple as possible when implementing changes within your business to your communication and IT infrastructure.

  • Dedicated Service Desk

    If you ever need to ask us a question, our service desk based at our head office in Southport will be on hand. Our internal SLA’s and fast response time will ensure your queries will be dealt with efficiently and to your satisfaction.

  • Ethernet Leased Line and Broadband Support

    While our service desk team can answer most queries, if you need a site visit, you’ll meet one of our highly experienced broadband and ethernet engineers. As part of our pro-active service and approach, we offer complimentary audits to ensure you get the most out of your technology.

Get a business connectivity quote

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Whether you’re new to broadband or looking to switch providers, our connectivity team will undertake an analysis of your business connectivity requirements, location, users and help you find the best deal for you.

We will provide ‘up to’ speeds for your chosen connectivity solution. Factors which can influence your speed include data downloads, congestion in your area due to the number of other offices or households with the same provider plus the number of devices connected at the same time.


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