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Why do small businesses need professional IT support?


Many small businesses see IT support as an option not a necessity. But once a problem occurs, like your server crashing, or email stops connecting, where do you go for support?

Small business owners often find themselves in a situation where they need to resolve the problem independently- they become the trouble shooter and problem solver. Without the support and advice of an expert IT engineer, other employees are also roped in to try and resolve the issue.

This reduces not only personal productivity, but affects the overall efficiency of employees, and as a result ? the business as a whole. In addition to the obvious drain on time and resources, an IT system that is being patched and repaired inexpertly overtime creates a poor performance computer network that has numerous security problems, with strange issues cropping up more and more often.

By providing your business with professional, expert IT support you could save time, money and create an overall more efficient and successful IT network that works to your business?s needs (as opposed to against them!)


Smaller businesses frequently struggle to manage their IT infrastructure effectively and often lack the necessary IT skills and knowledge to both make the best of the technology they have in place, and to resolve any issues that do arise. Unlike larger organisations, smaller businesses can rarely afford or justify employing a dedicated IT department.

Many businesses rely on an hourly rate help desk, a better option than no support, but one that can be expensive when the problem is more complex. At a flat-rate monthly cost, an expert IT support package can help improve any IT set-up?s performance, whilst decreasing the likelihood of further problems arising in the future.

Keep employees productive and grow your business

Any IT failure or downtime will inevitably have a negative effect on employees and productivity; a problem with email, or a business critical software will halt business entirely. Without proper support, down time can last a longer than is strictly necessary ? eventually leading to a reduction in revenues.

IT has become an integral part of everyday business. Maintaining a smooth running, efficient IT network is vital in order to stay competitive. Today, the smarter small businesses harness the skills, expertise and knowledge of IT service providers that offer a fully managed IT support packages, to ensure their system continues to work to the best of its ability. A well-managed and thought-out IT network makes it easier to develop a future proof solution that can be gradually improved and developed, allowing the business to keep up with ever changing technologies much easier and cheaper than continuous complete overhauls; ultimately supporting the growth and profitability within the organisation.


Small businesses are more susceptible to attack from hackers than larger companies. Criminals are targeting SMEs because they present easier targets. Large enterprises employ professional IT teams to prevent combat security breaches, but smaller companies tend not to have the resources and knowledge required to appropriately address security issues. The temptation for small companies is to believe that firewalls and anti-virus software alone will safeguard their network. These precautions, although better than none, are often insufficient.

With a comprehensive IT support package, experienced IT personnel will work with their clients to find vulnerabilities in the systems security ? helping you to protect valuable data and keep the PC?s running smoothly.

AdaptiveComms? Premium IT Support service can be tailored and adapted to meet the needs of your business, providing cost efficient access to expert advice and support ? whenever you need it. With 24 hour emergency support, proactive monitoring and a free initial IT audit your IT can soon be working smoothly and efficiently. To find out more call us on 01704 540547.