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Supporting the Southport BID

Southport BID Logo

The Southport Business Improvement District (BID) aims to deliver a boost to trade in the town by delivering an investment fund of ?2.4 million to go toward improvements around the town and promotion of the local area as an exciting visitor and shopping destination. Local businesses will be voting for or against the BID in March 2014.

BIDs, were first established under the Local Government Finance Act (2003). BIDs are an arrangement where businesses in a defined geographical area identify projects or services that will add value to their operations and then agree on the level of funds ? the BID levy – which they will pay to make it happen. This arrangement is then put to a vote.

The Southport BID this year focuses on two main areas of ?promoting the town?; including supporting local retailers, and ?improving the town?; covering topics such as cleaner streets and attracting more investment.

As a company that has been established in Southport for over 11 years, we at AdaptiveComms are strongly in favour of the BID. The proposed ideas and initiatives aiming to increase footfall in Southport will improve Southport for local residents, and businesses through creating a more prosperous and thriving environment.

To find out more about Southport BID please visit the website: