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Revolutionising Manufacturing with M2M Technology

The Internet of Things (IoT) and machine to machine (M2M) technology is literally taking the nation by storm. With over 50 billion devices predicted to be connected around the globe by 2020, it?s a growing phenomenon that simply can?t be ignored.

Many industries have already adopted M2M solutions to help improve their businesses, and manufacturing is a sector which is doing just that.

M2M?s key benefits of tracking, monitoring, measuring and controlling, are all exactly what manufacturers need. Almost every stage of the manufacturing process requires careful monitoring, measuring and controlling, which provides an opportunity for M2M to get involved and help improve efficiency.

The use of remote monitoring at strategically selected locations along the production line collects real-time data on the status of production and machinery. This data provides the management team with valuable information which can help to improve operations and optimise machinery maintenance schedules.


Collecting real-time data on the production process also enables manufacturers to carefully manage supply chains. By closely monitoring raw material levels, for example, through the use of telemetry technology, raw material deliveries can be scheduled for the most effective times.

This ability to automate processes is another huge benefit for manufacturing businesses. Automation reduces the amount of resource required to manage daily operations which in turn increases efficiency and also reduces cost.

The benefits of M2M for manufacturing also extend to the warehouse. Through real-time and remote monitoring of warehouse operations, such as the movement of products between factory, warehouse and distribution vehicles, the warehouse can be used to maximum capacity, therefore improving efficiency and, once again, reducing costs.

There are many more ways that M2M solutions can support and optimise manufacturing businesses.
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