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Quick Guide: Business Landlines

You need a new business landline; it may be that you are setting up a new business, your existing business is expanding to a new premises, or you simply want to upgrade to a better fixed line for your business needs, AdaptiveComms can help you improve your communications network and save you money.

The following is a guide to the different types of business landlines and features we can offer;

Types of landlines;

  • Single analogue?A single analogue line is mainly used for making calls, receiving broadband and for connection to fax machines.
  • Multi analogue lines?Additional lines used for receiving calls. The main benefit of multiple lines is that if one line is engaged, the call is re routed and connected to another line, meaning? that you can take numerous calls on the same number.
  • ISDN2e? – ISDN2e is a high quality digital line that allows two things to be done at once?voice, data, video or faxing. ISDN2e provides a scalable solution that can easily be added to as your business grows. ISDN2e further allows you to allocate separate phone numbers to all users. ISDN2e lines are best suited to companies expecting 2 to 10 lines in the near future.
  • ISDN30?ISND30 has the same features and functionality as the ISDN2e line, but are generally better suited to larger businesses as they can support between 8 and 30 channels.
  • SIP lines?SIP lines essentially use VOIP (Voice Over IP). SIP lines use an internet connection to carry voice traffic, instead of traditional landlines. SIP trunks are often used in situations where businesses need flexibility in terms of how many concurrent voice channels they have, and number of staff, for example in a business centre. SIP is quick and easy to set up as it uses the exisiting connectivity solution within your business. One of the main benefits of SIP is that it makes it possible to easily connect the various components of an overall communications system, allowing improved customer service and reduced costs. AdaptiveComms can provide SIP solutions, as well as hybrid solutions that combine your existing traditional communication lines with SIP; offering the perfect solution for any business.


Not sure which type of landline is best for your business? Read more about landlines on our website or call us today: 01704 540547. AdaptiveComms can come to your premises to carry out an audit of your existing telecoms infrastructure, before advising and assisting you in the best choice of line for your business.

We can also provide a wide range of landline features, numbers and calls to help improve your customers experience. A popular feature is our inbound service. Inbound numbers assist businesses in getting a better geographic reach, checking the success of advertising campaigns or giving a Disaster Recovery ability that a traditional number just doesn?t offer. Inbound numbers are available in 0800, 0844, 01/02/03 codes and so can literally put you anywhere. These numbers are not joined to a specific line, so calls can be pointed to anywhere in the country. This is a highly beneficial feature for businesses ensuring that no call goes unanswered.


Other landline extras include;

  • Audio whisper?to let you see who is calling before you pick up
  • Bespoke announcement? record your own messages to give clients a personal touch
  • Voicemail to email?Gain greater flexibility by having your voicemail messages forwarded to your inbox
  • Call record? Record incoming calls and store the data with a comprehensive call recording solution.
  • The non physical nature of the inbound number also makes it essential for Disaster recovery. If you are unfortunate enough to suffer a flood or fire, your business doesn?t have to stop. An inbound number can very simply be pointed at any other termination point from a mobile to a home phone or temporary offices.

(link to landlines page)

AdaptiveComms can also? offer a range of call packages to suit your needs. By analysing the types of calls? your business makes, we can create a bespoke call package for you offering great low cost call rates perfectly suited to your business? communication needs!

To find out more call us today on 01704 540547 or click here to start an online chat with one of our telecoms experts.

In next weeks post we discuss the various phone systems and features available, to help you choose the best solution for your business.