For the NHS and General Practices, effective communication and improved accessibility stand as pivotal factors for both patients and staff. With that purpose in mind, we at AdaptiveComms have curated a range of dedicated services to the healthcare sector.

With Patient Contact, we provide our customers a tailored telecoms solution that enables practices across the UK to improve communication, efficiency and deliver a smooth patient experience.

Our IT Healthcare Team...

Specialise in offering enhanced solutions to support your healthcare communications infrastructure. We can…

Offer Secure Cloud Storage

To Protect Sensitive Data

We can introduce a robust and flexible cloud solution to protect and secure your senestive patient data from both internal and external threats. Say goodbye to messy paper systems.

Offer Scalable Phone Systems

Seamlessly Connecting Your Patients

We can integrate phones that have specialised call routing and forwarding features, to reach other departments and patients at the touch of a button.

Provide Onsite IT Support

For A Solid Infrastructure

Our expert team can remote support into your systems to diagnose faults and problems as and when they arise. We aim to mitigate the amount of downtime on your critical systems ensuring that you can continue to work while we maintain your services.

Practice Issues

  • It can be difficult to handle a large number of phone calls at the beginning of a working week.
  • Missed appointments can cost time and money for departments.
  • There can be a conflict of interest to provide a patient’s preferred method of communication and contact.
  • There is no simplified process to report on the number of daily conversations, both between patients and departments.
  • There is a lack of a process to arrange special appointments for seasonal jabs or vaccines.
  • Too much time is being allocated to identifying a patient when they call up.

Patient Issues

  • Patients often get frustrated at being stuck in a phone queue, they want to know their position as quickly as possible.
  • Prefereably they would like an automated call back service, so they don’t have to queue at all.
  • With more and more people using mobile devices, it is becoming more commonplace to provide an SMS message service to let them know where they are up to.
  • There is no simplified process to report on the number of daily conversations, both between patients and departments. Therefore patterns can’t be identified.
  • Patients ideally need to be presented beforehand with several alternatives to contact their practice in a way that is convenient for them.

CareConnect From Horizon Is Your Solution

Automated Call Back

Patients no longer need to wait in a queue thanks to an integrated callback feature.

Outbound SMS

Our system will send patients an automatic SMS message to reminder or confirm them of an appointment.

Omnichannel Presence

Any telephone numbers that are unknown are captured automatically to help with record updates. Special instructions can also be assigned to ensure calls from numbers are handled in a special way.

Campaign Dialler

This feature helps to efficiently arrnage bookings such as vaccinations and jab sessions for patients.

Live Wallboards

Say goodbye to paper-based update systems because wallboards can integrate with phone systems to see how many patients are waiting in the queue in realtime.

Highly Accessible

Our integration with EMIS through Care Connect can provide instant access to patient records when an inbound call is made. An outbound call to the patient can be made through click to dial.

Featured Case Study

Care Concern is a Care Agency based in Birkdale, Southport who provide a broad range of services from companionship through to medical care provided in your own home. They were in the process of expanding and taking in new residents and needed new cabling and network reconfiguration to manage their patients and data. AdaptiveComms stepped in during the beginning of their extension planning to provide expert advice to the team.

Get Your Patients Integrated Today

By leveraging Patient Contact, we empower healthcare providers to overcome barriers in patient communication pathways Our telecoms systems and services specifically cater to GP practices, providing independent advice, free surveys, and consultancy to ensure optimal solutions for seamless connectivity.

For more information on how we can help your General Practice, contact us today on 01704 540547 or email info@adaptivecomms.co.uk.