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NEC Univerge?SV9100- Empowering the Smart Workforce

?Change the way you work with NEC Univerge SV9100. It’s designed for real people and real businesses and gets your team working together from day one:


– ?Make quicker, better-informed business decisions without waiting for the new weekly office meeting

– ?Respond more quickly and effectively to customer request to drive loyalty and keep ahead of your ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ?competitors

– ?Empower your workforce with Smart Communications


Scalable from 10 to 800 users, the NEC Univerge SV9100 is the ideal fit for businesses of all sizes looking for a scalable, feature rich, future proofed and cost effective phone system solution.


Our specialists will work with you to design an NEC SV9100 system that will meet all your business requirements, through product demonstrations and webinars you can discover what features will benefit your business and what won’t, this ensures you only pay for what you need and more importantly get a phone system that?s right for your business.


AdaptiveComms? phone system engineers are fully accredited to design, deliver and support the NEC SV9100, as experts in their field, our engineers and support staff will proactively maintain and look after your solution for its lifetime.

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10 Business Benefits of the NEC SV9100

  • Simplified user licensing
  • Unsurpassed warranty
  • Low TCO
  • Vertical market-specific solutions
  • Voice, Unified communications & Unified Messaging solutions integrated
  • Comprehensive contact centre suite
  • Broad range of mobility applications/devices
  • Wide range of end-points
  • Delivers on NEC?s green initiatives
  • Safeguards your investment
NEC SV9100


Key Features

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Intelligent decision making starts with qualified information. The SV9100 comes with a simplified user-licensing structure and future-proof technology that meets the demands of your multi-generational employees. The SV9100 easily integrates with your existing NEC technology and is also capable of supporting future technologies.

Secure Your Communications Easily

NEC has a rich history providing communications technology solutions. We are recognized as having the highest level of customer satisfaction among Unified Communications vendors and industry experts have acknowledged our platforms as having some of the lowest total costs of ownership on the market.

As such, we know that SMBs have distributed work environments. To keep your communications safe and affordable, the SV9100 provides IP failover and advanced security features. It also converges your voice and data networks, so you can reduce your hardware and transmission costs.