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Improving Business Performance with Call Reporting

Call reporting is a key piece of software for businesses looking to have increased visibility of how your telephone system is being used. Call reporting can be used in a number of areas across your business to improve efficiency; through bespoke reports, you can improve key areas of your business which could be utilised in a more efficient way such as an outbound sales team or a contact centre environment.

AdaptiveComms can recommend the right call reporting software for your business and phone system. We offer call reporting solutions compatible with a range of leading phone system brands including hosted solutions. Our expert engineers can also set up wall boards with live information for departments and teams as well as schedule key reports for managers and supervisors.

Benefits of Call Reporting

  • Protect Sales Revenues – Abandoned calls are flagged and logged enabling rapid customer call-back
  • Manage by Exception – User-defined system alarms alert managers to situations that require their attention, reports on all aspects of call performance
  • Reduce Call Costs – Unauthorised calls, e.g. mobiles/premium-rate numbers are highlighted
  • Accelerate ROI- productivity gains and cost savings lead to more profitable operation

Call ReportingMaking call management easier


MyCalls Call Manager adds an extra dimension to call management and performance with an unparalleled range of user-friendly features. These help a business save money, win profitable new business and dramatically increase customer service levels.

Managers enjoy a real-time overview of the telephone activity of their team – who’s on a call, who’s holding, who’s off-hook and how many callers hang up before their calls are answered. This bird’s eye view means individual and group productivity is easily monitored and managed and problems are dealt with straight away, e.g. calling back customers who abandoned calls, which retains customers and sales. The ability to display call performance data in real-time on a wall board increases motivation for teams and individuals.
MyCalls can be programmed to alert a manager when a particular set rule has been broken. For example, if a call has gone unanswered for over 30 seconds, or when abandoned calls exceed a set level. This leaves busy managers free to concentrate on their everyday tasks until an alert requires their attention and action. Similarly, call costs are reduced because alarms can be set to flag unauthorised calls, particularly to high-cost premium-rate numbers, international calls and to mobiles.

Why your company needs MyCalls

  • Increases productivity
  • Reduces costs
  • Rapid return on investment
  • Wins more business
  • Improves customer perception & service
  • Improves staff efficiency
  • Helps manage & measure sales & marketing activity
  • Call recording helps solve disputes
  • Real-time information enables supervisors to react quickly to changes in call traffic
  • Reduces the cost of sales and increases competitiveness
  • Reduces abandoned calls
  • Aids staff training