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Online Privacy: Do you know who you are sharing data with?

Facebook, Google, and more than a thousand other companies collect data about you online.

Most of us are aware that we can adjust our privacy settings on most social platforms, but isn?t this sometimes time consuming or complicated to navigate?

Not only does social media pose a risk to your online privacy, but over 1,200 trackers are able to follow your movements online. How can you regain control and reclaim your privacy?

AVG PrivacyFix checks your privacy exposure on Facebook, Google and LinkedIn. The app offers one main dashboard that quickly and easily shows who you are sharing your data with across the various social networks. With just one click you are taken directly to where you need to be to change that particular option or setting, instead of struggling through complicated onsite features.

The app also alerts users when privacy options change. Facebook for example continuously adjust and change their privacy options; AVG PrivacyFix alerts you of any changes helping keep your privacy at the level you expect.

We often forget about our security on Google, but what about your saved searches, or your Youtube viewing history that is being stored as data to be used by marketers? AVG PrivacyFix allows you to choose your preferred settings and block collection of your data.

An added benefit of the app is the ability to include your family. You may be worried about your loved ones online privacy ? PrivacyFix can spot when they are over sharing, allowing you to help protect them and their privacy online.

In addition to social media privacy management, AVG PrivacyFix will tell you which websites reserve the right to sell your personal data, and allow you to easily request that the data they have is removed.

Did you know that connecting to WiFi networks also pose a risk to your security? Having your WiFi on all the time can be a risk as your mobile automatically connects to unknown networks. When your phone connects to a WiFi network it transmits an unique code called a MAC address which retailers and marketers can use to track your movements.

AVG PrivacyFix allows you to set your approved WiFi networks, and stop your device from transmitting its MAC address to unrecognised networks. AVG PrivacyFix can ensure that you are aware of the privacy risks, and give you the option to control what you share and who you are sharing with.


The app is free and available on PC, mobile and tablet. Click here to visit the AVG website and download the app.