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Mobile Working Made Easy

As a business device tablets have become increasingly popular to enable employees to stay productive on the move. Tablets provide instant access to emails, calendars and contacts just as a mobile phone would. Tablets, however, can provide added functionality as a result of having a larger display to open, view and work on documents and business applications. If you have employees that work on the road and require access to business tools and documents, then a tablet may be an ideal alternative to a laptop.


Microsoft Office on the move

With Microsoft Office 365, utilise Office Mobile Apps on your Windows tablet or iPad to view, edit and collaborate with employees on Word, Excel and PowerPoint documents. Fulfil an order whilst with a customer and save on SharePoint; employees in the office can pick up your order instantly and start processing the order immediately. Employees no longer need to wait until the end of the day to complete their paperwork from the day


Cloud-based services on the go

If you are considering moving to a hosted service, then a tablet may be a good tool to access this service. When a service is hosted online, often you would access this service through a web browser rather than opening a locally stored service. If the service needs to be accessed on the move such as a CRM database to get a customer?s address, then a tablet provides an ideal platform to easily and securely access this information.


Collaborate with customers and colleagues

There are a range of communications methods available on a tablet device to keep your employees connected and contactable. Emails can be sent and received on a tablet just like a mobile phone, mailboxes are synced with your other devices. Apps such as Skype can be downloaded enabling employees to make video calls from their tablet with colleagues either on the road or back at the office. Microsoft Lync is also available as an app providing presence information to your colleagues, use Lync to make voice and video calls, update your availability and send instant messages to colleagues.


Mobile Data and Tethering

When choosing a tablet you also need to consider if you need a WiFi-only tablet or a tablet with WiFi and data. WiFi only tablets are exactly that, they are only able to connect to the internet when they are on WiFi. If employees are out of the office and also have a company mobile phone with a data plan then users may be able to tether from their mobile, this may, however, limit the functionality of the phone. Tablets with data access as well as WiFi are able to connect to the internet from anywhere they can connect to the data network.