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Loan any HP product for 2 weeks

AdaptiveComms can provide businesses with HP Evaluation Units. Evaluation Units allow you to try out any HP product, from tablets, to work stations for up to 2 weeks. I spoke to Steve, a member of our in-house IT team to find out more about the evaluation unit scheme.

If I wanted to loan a HP product, where would I start?

Simply contact AdaptiveComms, our customer service team will put you through to a member of the IT team who will discuss the products you would like to try out, and offer advice on the product & specification that will be the most suitable for your needs. Once you have decided which product or products you would like to try, we will take care of ordering and delivery.

Who delivers and installs the product I?ve loaned?

The products are shipped directly from HP to your business location, if you need assistance with installation, one of our IT engineers will come to your premises and fully install any product, we can even provide training if necessary. Products are collected by HP at the end of the 2 weeks.

What are the advantages of being able to borrow the products?
By trying before you buy you have the opportunity to see if the product is right for you and your business. Trying out th

e product allows you to see how the product functions in the real world environment,
as opposed to the limited number of benefits?you might be shown at a sales demonstration or in store.
The real benefit of the loaning system is that you can choose any of their products.. You might have been considering a new?tablet.. Then why not loan the new HP Elitepad 900? Or maybe you are looking for new desktop computers for your accounting department.. You could loan the HP Business Desktop Pro 3515 for each member [dependant on HP stock levels]? to see what the employees that will be using them feel about the product.

What else do I get with my evaluation unit?

HP will also provide accessories at your request, this can mean anything from phone cases to graphics cards and cables.? The evaluation units are meant to act as if they are already yours, the accessories provided can help determine the smaller considerations, such as ease of transport.

Will these trial products still be covered by my existing AdaptiveComms IT Support?

Yes any queries or questions can be dealt with by our in-house IT team, or by HP?s specialist team

Will I still be able to receive Remote Support if I need it?

Yes, our remote support system is compatible with? both Windows and Android devices

What do I do if I want to buy the products after the 2 week trial?

If you are pleased with the product and wish to buy it, AdaptiveComms will manage the entire purchasing and billing process for you. We can normally have products? dispatched? for delivery in 48 hours assuming available stock.

For more information call our team on 01704 540547