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Business Continuity Starts Here

At AdaptiveComms we understand now more than ever how important it is for your employees to be able to work from home effectively to ensure maximum productivity and to keep communicating.

Using our experience and knowledge in the communications and IT industry we want to share with you some really useful business tools your staff can start using to allow them to work from home more easily.

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This can be installed on Laptops, Desktops & mobile devices for free and can be used to easily put documents in, which can be shared with colleagues and customers.

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Professional Business features on your mobile

Ensure all your staff have voicemail set up on their mobile and activate call waiting to help keep unanswered and unreturned calls to a minimum.

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Microsoft Teams

Install Microsoft Teams (this is free if you have Microsoft Office 365), this is a fantastic piece of software which will let you video conference with any other Teams user and will allow you to do screen sharing and share presentations to truly enable virtual working.

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Microsoft Office 365

If you have a basic 365 package or don’t have it at all consider upgrading or subscribing. Part of the package includes SharePoint, an online document server which can be set up to allow different people access to different documents according to their permission levels.

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Hosted Phone System

If you have a phone system in the office consider changing to a hosted system (its often completely cost neutral with no upfront charges and can still be done even in lock down) the hosted system means you can plug your phone in at work or to your home network (wired or on WiFi) and its exactly the same. Meaning a seamless service for your customers rather than relying on call diversions which are at best clunky.

SIP Solutions

Social Media

If you have a social media presence get on to it. Just say hello – let customers know you’re still there and you’re going to be there in a few weeks.