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SIP Solutions

Make the right move to SIP

BT have now announced the switch off of the ISDN network in 2025 with no new orders will be accepted from 2020. SIP Technology has been designed as a replacement to ISDN and offers a great number of benefits including over digital lines including:

  • Cost savings of up to 40%
  • Better quality
  • Much easier to fix
  • Improved DR (Disaster Recovery)
  • You have to change!

If you currently have ISDN Digital lines then you will need to move to SIP. Our specialists will create a roadmap for your business to make the move over. This will include ensuring you have the right connectivity in place and a compatible phone system. In most instances, we can provide a new IP phone system within the savings available by making the change over to SIP.

Our service teams are highly experienced in migrating businesses over to the new technology, recently we have implemented a 13 site SIP, phone system and connectivity solution whilst providing an immediate ROI to the customer.

  • Get a brand new Ip phone System for FREE
  • You have to move to SIP
  • See an immediate ROI


reduced costs

Reduced call costs

SIP comes with a generous call allowance, free calls between SIP numbers, and a simple, low-cost pricing structure with no spend commitments.

make most

Make the most of your existing network investment

Using a data network for all your calls means you don’t need separate traditional phone lines.

No Line, No line rental. You’ll have just one network, which means it’s also simpler for your IT team to manage.

SIP Solutions

Reassurance that call quality will never be compromised

Our Quality of Service (QoS) prioritises your calls over other data. Even if you’re using the rest of your bandwidth, your voice calls will always get through.

With SIP, there’s always an amount of bandwidth dedicated to voice calls. And with call quality just like traditional phone lines, users won’t notice a difference.

SIP Solutions

Keep people connected

SIP offers more business continuity options than a traditional phone network, so a disaster doesn’t have to be disastrous.

For example, with SIP you can redirect individual extension numbers to numbers of your choice. This delivers much more robust resilience than on a traditional voice network.

And with voice calls running over your data connection, your voice will also automatically run over any backup connection you have in place for disaster recovery.

market local

Market your business with local numbers wherever you are

You can promote your business locally regardless of your location.

Non-geographic numbers mean that your phone number is no longer tied to the range of numbers available in your local telephone exchange. Open up new business opportunities by creating a local presence, nationally.

SIP Solutions

Take your numbers with you wherever you move to

With SIP Trunks your numbers stay with you, even if you’re moving premises.

Unlike with traditional phone lines, your numbers are no longer tied to your local telephone exchange so, even if you move to a different part of the country, you can take all of your numbers – and the customers who know them- with you.

SIP Solutions

Help and support available, whenever you need it

We’ve got a dedicated helpdesk to support you with all elements of your IP solution: SIP trunking, phone system, and connectivity. That means a single-point-of-contact; one number and not being passed from one agent to another.