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Inbound Solutions

Inbound Solutions – More Than Just a Number

Inbound numbers are virtual numbers that can be set up and routed anywhere; AdaptiveComms can supply geographic (01, 03 & 03) and non-geographic (08) Inbound numbers.

Inbound numbers are great for marketing campaigns and online advertising, they are also ideal for businesses looking to have a wider customer reach such as advertising in Manchester with a local number when your office is based in Leeds.

Inbound Numbers from AdaptiveComms also offer a wide range of business benefits including reporting, time of day routing, announcements and call recordings, detail of the features available are listed below.

We supply a range of Inbound packages packed with features, our specialists can help choose the right inbound number for your business and requirements.

Inbound Solutions

Audio whisper

Find out who is calling you before you pick up the telephone

Inbound Solutions

Bespoke announcement

Record your own messages to give your clients that personal touch

Inbound Solutions

Voicemail to email

Voicemail messages can be emailed directly to your inbox in an instant

call recording

Call record

Record any incoming calls and store the incoming call data for your own records

Inbound Solutions

Fax to Email

This service allows any 08/03 or 01/02 number to be converted into a fax receiving telephone number in seconds, allowing your business to receive faxes by email wherever you are. This is a dynamic solution available with no installation or pre-ordering, allowing for fast connection of service. You can have each document delivered to multiple email addresses at the same time, with the service able to receive virtually unlimited faxes simultaneously, meaning no engaged tones for the fax sender.

Inbound Solutions

Call whisper

Call Whisper via the Inbound platform offers the agent answering the call the advantage in knowing which number the caller has dialled by playing a one-way pre-connection message.

This can be useful when your business is taking incoming calls on behalf of others, or you would like to ensure the caller is greeted in a particular way dependent on which number is dialled.

Whisper can be setup to be heard by both parties or simply to the answering party. The bespoke message can be recorded by yourselves or one of our professional voice recording artists, and can be changed easily on the platform.


Voicemail to Email

Voicemail via Inbound allows the caller to leave a voicemail message which is then emailed to a designated inbox as a .wav file attachment. The wav file attachment can then be opened and played through any P.C.

Alternatively, you can retrieve your voicemails online via the Inbound platform. To setup voicemail, all you need to do is, record your voicemail greeting via your P.C or via the smartphone application.

Voicemail to email can be setup at any point on your call plan. Whether it?s out of hours or a breakout from a queue, your voicemails can be sent to an individual or group email address.


Call queuing

By queuing your calls in our Inbound network platform you can keep your callers up to date on the position they are in the queue and give the caller the option to break out to voicemail, or to an alternative destination. You have the option to play comfort messages to your customers, promoting your business products while they wait.

Inbound call queuing will assist with call handling during busy periods. Use real-time queue statistics to monitor and make instants changed in terms of queue management with optional queue breakout and overflow preferences to an alternative destination, announcement or voicemail service. Project onto a wallboard to give immediate feedback to call handling agents


IVR (Auto Attendant)

Inbound Auto Attendant empowers you to build IVR services on the screen using our intuitive web portal. IVR services can be tailored fully to your requirements, and allow for multi-level menu options to be created easily, with each call leg having all call plan options and network features available. Professional voice recordings can be uploaded to the platform straight from a P.C.

Auto attendant provides you with an out of office message facility, this can be used to advise the caller of a relevant time to call back, your opening hours or give them the ability to leave a message for a return call. Interactive Voice Response (IVR) allows you to upload file announcements to an inbound call plan as a way of communicating with callers.

Use IVR to provide callers with call routeing options and announcements to inform them of details such as opening hours and website address when the office is closed.


Call divert when busy

Incoming calls can be routed to a pre- defined list of destinations in sequence until the call is answered or routed to a voicemail. Call divert can allow a call to be moved from a DDI to a mobile and then eventually to a voicemail, alternatively, it can be set up to divert to another member of staff who is best suited to take the call.


Hunt Groups

Incoming calls can be routed to a pre-defined list of destination numbers in sequence until a call is answered or routed to voicemail, allowing for several people or groups to be offered calls in turn. Multiple Hunt Groups can operate at different times or specific days, allowing maximum flexibility. When the ‘Round Robin’ feature is enabled, the hunt group sequence is re-ordered when each incoming call is received so the same destination number does not always get offered the call first, allowing for an even distribution of calls across the group.


Time of day routing

Time of Day routeing enables your business to specify how your Inbound calls should be routed according to what time of the day it is. Calls can be routed to; another destination, out of hours play audio or voicemail to email on a bespoke call plan.


Online management and call statistics

This service will enable your marketing department and call centre manager to look in great details at where and how calls are being routed. This enables your business to make targeted marketing campaigns and ensures you can refine your inbound call handling plan to improve the caller’s experience.