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At the heart of any organisation’s network is the server that hosts the Operating System, applications, security and monitoring software. Adaptivecomms Network Design Team can plan, supply, install and project manage your network installation in order that it maximises your ICT facility.

We pride ourselves on our ‘best of breed’ approach resulting in our ability to provide a comprehensive range of reliable IT hardware.

Our high level of expertise enables us to custom build an IT Network to meet our clients exacting requirements. Whatever is the best solution for you we assure you that we only use the very best components within our servers enabling us guarantee all elements of our networks with a three year warranty. This guarantee is extended across workstations, switches and UPS to provide you with total peace of mind.

So when we start the design of your network you can be assured that the hardware powering the LAN is of the highest possible quality.


Centrally Managed WiFi from the Cloud


Cisco Meraki is a powerful and intuitive wireless device designed to easily manage and control your on-site WiFi for both employees and guests. Through the easy-to-use online portal, you can seamlessly manage your WiFi services across multiple sites and have instant access to network-wide visibility of usage on your network. You can also remotely manage updates and quickly configure your Meraki WLANs in minutes without having any dedicated staff or training.


  • Simple and quick to setup
  • No Onsite IT required – easily manage through the web interface remotely
  • Guest access – control what they can see
  • PCI compliance – your data is safe

Bring your own device

Cisco Meraki is the first and only solution to provide a secure and reliable BYOD network without any added cost or complexity. Easily apply device-specific policies to iOS devices, Android, PC’s and more to simply manage how your WiFi is being used using integrated Layer 7 client fingerprinting to identify.

Control applications, users and devices

Cisco Meraki is the only wireless LAN to include Layer 7 fingerprinting and application QoS. You can identify hundreds of applications, from business apps to YouTube, enabling you to prioritise business-critical applications such as VoIP and block non-business permitted applications such as P2P file sharing.

Guest WI-FI

Cisco Meraki offers secure and easy to manage guest access without the need for additional licences and complex configurations. A built-in firewall and DHCP server provide a complete guest solution, enabling secure, Internet-only access that protects your LAN.

Enterprise Security

Cisco Meraki provides complete enterprise-class security as standard. You can segment wireless users, applications, and devices; secure your network from attacks; and enforce the right policies for both employees and guests. Meraki WLANs are fully HIPAA and PCI compliant.

High-Performance Mesh Routing

The ability for APs not wired into the LAN to act as repeaters is included in every Cisco Meraki AP. Mesh allows for two powerful use cases: extending coverage to hard to wire areas, and providing a self-healing network that is resilient to cable and switch failures.