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How to avoid expensive data roaming charges abroad

We’ve all heard horror stories of friends, family or colleagues receiving large mobile bills following a trip abroad. This is because smartphones and tablets automatically seek out connections in order to install updates; if you aren’t equipped with a data roaming bolt-on, or aren?t aware of the networks charges for data usage abroad, you may be in for surprise when your post-holiday bill arrives.

AdaptiveComms can inform and assist you of the best data packages prior to any trips abroad, and it is advised that you contact us before leaving in order to ensure that you understand the charges applicable on your tariff. We can also add any bolt-ons or data packages should you require data usage on your device whilst abroad.

By following a few simple steps, you could avoid large mobile bills.

1.?Before you depart

??Check the data roaming prices for the country you are visiting with your network provider. Most providers have this information available on their website. Alternatively call us and we can find the information quickly and simply for you.

??Speak to us. By letting us know you are going abroad, we can advise you of the best data bundles and packages which could significantly reduce your bill.

??Remember that when you have connected to a network abroad, you are charged for the data you send and receive.

2.?Print and prepare; we are all used to using our smartphones to check a map or find a restaurant, but by preparing and planning in advance, you will reduce your data usage and save money.

??Print out maps of the area you are staying, and the location of restaurants, bars, offices and attractions before you leave

??Instead of using Google maps on mobile broadband, Download Google maps for the destination?before hand; allowing you to view the area on Google maps whilst offline.

??Turn off your data roaming setting when you don?t need it. If you are only using your phone for calls and texts, turning off data will prevent your phone from installing updates and building up charges.

??Make use of your device?s data usage counter. This can be reset before you leave and will enable you to keep an eye on your usage, making it easier to stay within your allowance.

3.?Find out the charges for the country you?re visiting

??If you are staying within the EU, phone companies can charge no more than 38p (approx. dependant on Euro to Pound exchange rate) per MB, but prices outside of Europe vary and can be significantly higher, so it?s always worth checking. Call us if you have any queries and we can confirm the costs and advise you as to whether a bolt-on or data package would lower your rates abroad.


??Wifi is often available at airports, hotels or cafes, so aim to get most of your data roaming done whilst connected to free wifi.

5.?Local prices

??Local prices are cheaper; you could buy a pay-as-you-go SIM card in the country you visit, however this option won?t work if your phone is locked to a particular network.

??If you travel frequently, AdaptiveComms can help find a tariff to suit your needs. Data bundles and bolt-ons vary; we can provide bolt-ons for certain countries if you mainly visit the same place for business, or bundles for the EU., or outside of the EU. No matter what your travel plans, finding out about the available options may reduce your roaming costs, and by knowing and understanding your tariffs data roaming costs you will be able to roam without the worry!

6.?Unexpected charges

??To avoid unexpected charges, speak to us and we can confirm what is included in your tariff, to make you aware of the charges applicable.


The article above is for advice only. Please remember that you as the end user are always responsible for applying and removing any extra packages to your phone and for the payment of any charges you incur.