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How M2M solutions are improving efficiency in the taxi industry


Travellers to London?s busy underground network have been enjoying cashless payment systems for a number of years now. The evolution of Oyster cards and the launch of contactless payment with debit cards, has helped to ease congestion and has improved the efficiency of the underground transport system for the better.Take taxicabs, for example. Many taxi operators are still working with traditional methods of booking and payment, but customers are demanding a change. And M2M (machine-to-machine) technology is helping to do just that.

M2M technology offers taxi operators a wealth of opportunities. Through the simple installation of a mobile broadband solution, taxi drivers can take advantage of a host of tools and apps that will not only help to improve their business, but also the service they offer to their passengers.

Many London cabbies are already benefiting from Smartphone Apps such as Uber and Hailo to help them generate more business. Being able to stay connected to the internet (via a reliable and cost effective mobile Wifi connection) taxi drivers can profit from the information that these apps provide.

Having a mobile broadband solution permanently installed in a taxi, also means that passengers can benefit from internet access too. In our increasingly busy lives, catching up on emails and keeping in touch with family, friends and work colleagues whilst on the move, is an essential everyday occurrence. By offering free Wifi, passengers can make the most of their taxi journeys and relax in the knowledge they can use their travel time efficiently.

We?ve already mentioned that contactless payment is becoming a way of life for other modes of transport, but it?s also becoming a reality in the taxi industry. Mobile booking and payment solutions, such as ?eeZee taxi?, are continuing to emerge which enable customers to travel without cash when they travel.

So you see, M2M solutions really are helping to transform the taxi industry and can improve efficiency, effectiveness and customer service.

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