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BYOD schemes; How do they work?

Bring your own device, sometimes known as bring your own technology/phone or PC is a strategy that and allows employees to use their personal devices at the work place, and grant these devices access to?company files and applications in a secure and controlled way.

Corporations generally provide business phones to their customer facing employees, but not to the entire workforce. With the growth of smart phones, and cloud based storage, more employees are using their own phones to access work data; hence the introduction of a formal BYOD scheme.

Research by Citrix systems found that 92% of organisations allow employees to use their own devices and to access work related documentations, but that less than half of these organisations have official BYOD systems in place. This can create risk for the business, as the employees hardware may be stolen or lost.

By implementing a corporate BYOD solution, this risk can be minimised. Through equipping the entire organisation with a cloud based IT system such as Office 365, data is secure in the cloud. A BYOD network infrastructure can be installed that ensures only authorised employees can access corporate information and files from their devices. These systems provide the business with full control of any organisational data stored on any employee devices; this reduces risk of important data being lost or stolen as all data can be remotely wiped from any hardware.

The cloud software can be installed onto the employees own personal devices, allowing access to the same data that would traditionally only be accessible from corporate devices.? This cloud solution allows a more flexible working environment for employees as the software can be downloaded onto any operating system; employees can continue to work with their favoured operating system on their familiar personal devices.

An alternative to BYOD is the Choose Your Own Device (CYOD). A CYOD scheme allows the organisation to choose a limited number of options for the staff to choose from. A recent study by Intel revealed that more workers in the organisation would rather choose their own device, than bring their own device to work.

There are concerns over the security of Android systems for the BYOD CYOD schemes, but they are working to address these issues. This article describes Samsung Knox technology, a recent development to increase the security of these devices.