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Guiding Principles

At AdaptiveComms, we are committed to behaving in a way that respects the environment.

We aim to conduct business in such a way that considers our impact on the environment. We aim to incorporate our environmental and sustainability impact into our decision-making processes across the company and we strive to invest in environmentally-friendly and sustainable products and services where it is practical and available.

Our environmental policy is part of everything we do from how we run our offices and manage our teams; to how we design, supply and implement services to our customers.

Environmental Commitment

Consumption of energy

Adaptive Communication Solutions Ltd is committed to minimising its consumption of non-renewable energy sources and to research alternative sources and technologies to reduce consumption of energy across all company activities. AdaptiveComms will manage its offices in a way that ensures it is continually striving to improve energy performance standards.

Use of transport

Adaptive Communication Solutions Ltd is aware of the environmental impacts of their travel and transport operations. Wherever practical and possible AdaptiveComms seeks to reduce and eliminate it’s transport impacts on the environment.

Waste Production

Adaptive Communication Solutions Ltd strives to minimise the waste it generates and the consequent environmental impacts by seeking opportunities to reduce, reuse, recycle and recover otherwise redundant resources. Through minimising the use of raw materials used within our offices AdaptiveComms strive to create a sustainable workplace.

Products and services

Adaptive Communication Solutions Ltd aim, where possible to purchase environmentally friendly products and services, that support itself, and it’s customers in minimising waste production and the impact on the environment.

AdaptiveComms is committed to the ongoing training of its staff to ensure full participation in the environmental policy. AdaptiveComms communicates its Environmental Policy and performance information to all employees through induction and quarterly updates on the internal notice boards.