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At AdaptiveComms we are proud to be directly awarded as an official supplier for enFrame, a remarkable CIC that is dedicated to empowering schools, academy trusts, educational institutions as well as other public sector bodies with the procurement of IT and technology services through a powerful and robust ICT framework.

With our extensive experience we are confident and committed to providing top-notch services that revolve around planning, designing, project management, implementation, testing and handover of passive and active networking components. Our goal is to ensure your IT infrastructure not only delivers value back to the community but is also highly efficient and environmentally conscious, helping you to save costs and contribute to the fight against climate change.

We believe in simplifying the technical complexities, making it accessible and understandable for you. Together with enFrame, we are here to shape a brighter future for your institution and the wider community.

We are an enFrame IT Framework Supplier in Active and Passive networking components.

The foundations for better digital learning and productivity

The passive and active network components we deploy allows us to deliver superfast and seamless connectivity anywhere. Whether that be in the ground through fibre optics or across the air over the latest Wi-Fi technology, our highly experienced team of engineers can work with your requirements to implement a solution that is highly scalable, dependable and will keep your services connected and your users productive.

Who is eligible to use this framework?


Educational establishments in England and Wales including schools, free schools, academies, multi-academy trusts, colleges and universities. Schools, colleges and universities in Northern Ireland and Scotland are also eligible.

Government Departments

Central Government Departments, Local Government and Public Corporations accessible at the Public Sector Classification Guide.

Local Authorities

Local authorities in England and Wales, as well as Scotland. Northern Ireland Public Sector Bodies and Local Authorities are also eligible.

NHS & Health

NHS bodies in England, Wales and Scotland as well as Health and social care bodies in Northern Ireland and Hospices across the UK are eligible.

The Police

All police forces in the United Kingdom including those in England, Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland as well as The Scottish Police Authority are eligible.

Housing Associations

Any housing associations as well as registered social landlords in England and Wales. Housing associations in Northern Ireland and Scotland are also eligible.

For a full list of eligible services, please click on the link below to find out more.

How enFrame Can Benefit Your Organisation

No Tendering Process

This framework allows schools and educational institutions to bypass the lengthy and expensive process of tendering for new suppliers.

No Industry Jargon

We strip out all industry jargon and leave the complex technicalities with our highly experienced networking team, making the implementation process as straightforward and as simplified for you.

Highly Accessible Platforms

Wherever possible, we will utilise the very latest in cloud-powered technology removing any unnecessary complexities around connectivity and infrastructure.

100% Compliant

This framework is 100% OJEU compliant and fully supports the e-tendering platform “Find A Tender” (FTS)

Low And Competitive Pricing

At the moment prices are changing all the time. We can compare the whole market to help you get the best deal now and help move you to a lower cost tariff when prices begin to fall.

Accredited In Numerous Standards

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Our specialist education IT team can discuss your requirements and help your organisation implement a cost effective and highly scalable solution that delivers value to your community.