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Don’t neglect your MultiFunction Printer Security..

We tend to think of MFP?s as purely printing devices ? however a modern MFP that is able to scan, print, copy and fax documents is a highly sophisticated piece?of equipment that usually contains a hard disk drive (HDD), a web server, and its own IP address. It captures and stores data and is, in essence a computer.

If you consider the types of documents that are printed, scanned and copied everyday, it is easy to see the risk, and the vast amount of sensitive personal and organisational data that could potentially reach the wrong hands should your MFP security be compromised.

Despite the increasing importance of IT & online security, MFP?s are often neglected; leaving vast amounts of data vulnerable to threat from both internal and external sources. Internally, confidential information could easily be copied from stored documents on an unsecured MFP Hard Disk Drive. Also, without adequate security measures, information stored on a local desktop computer or a computer accessible through the local area network (LAN) could be accessed and printed.


Another important aspect of MFP security involves the consideration of what happens to the device once it has reached end of life and/or taken off site. There is a risk that the devices could fall in to the hands of hackers who can unlock the data stored on the HDD.

The security of documents should be considered and dealt with as a full process ? from document creation to use, and destruction;


5 easy ways to improve your print fleet?s security.


1)????? Introduce simple role based printing and document right policies to ensure that print jobs are only seen by the author.

2)????? Ensure that you use a supplier who operates a recognised process for the removal and disposal of printing devices.

3)????? Use data overwrite processes wherever possible.

4)????? Review your existing infrastructure and technologies such as cloud services, as the introduction of a trusted supplier can often lead to higher levels of security than many companies can achieve in-house.

5)????? Take advantage of a security review undertaken as a standard part of a print audit from AdaptiveComms & Toshiba.


A watchdog within your MFP

Toshiba’s most recent SE model devices incorporate Toshiba?s innovative Secure Hard Disc Drive. This drive provides ultimate security for data stored within your devices. The sophisticated self-encrypting hard disk drives with ?wipe? technology make unauthorised access to the information stored on the HDD impossible.

Toshiba’s Secure HDD also knows which device it has been built into and will allow only this system to access the data; if the HDD is stolen and installed into another device – authentication fails and the encryption key is automatically deleted, making it impossible to decrypt any data & providing a maximum level of security.

The vast range of document management solutions and in built settings mean it is easy to set rules across your entire printing fleet that can significantly improve the security of your printing process from beginning to end.

AdaptiveComms are fully approved suppliers of Toshiba MFP?s and are able to supply, manage and support your business with the full range of Toshiba MFP products, alongside the high level of service you expect from AdaptiveComms.

To find out more and to book an audit of your IT and print security please call us on 01704 540547.