AdaptiveComms pledges to become carbon neutral by 2030

We Value the Community and World We Live In

Operating as a responsible and ethical organisation is something we strongly believe in at AdaptiveComms. Pledges to the environment and commitments to our staff, customers and local community are things very close to our hearts.

We have high aspirations to ensuring our business is conducted as ethically as possible and we offer numerous benefits to our employees including a health top-up service and enhanced leave. We also pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030 (significantly ahead of the UK target of 2050) and have taken steps that move us towards this goal already. We also engage in philanthropic activity and make regular donations to local charities and good causes to help the members of our community that are most in need.

CSR - Employee benefits

As an Employer

In our sector, where service and expertise are the differentiators, our staff are our most valuable asset. We aim to be the best for our customers, and we believe that we have the best team to achieve that aim. We have a culture built on hard work, respect, positivity and dedication and ensure that those tenets are reciprocated back to our staff through:

  • Equality
  • Day off for birthday
  • Enhanced sick leave & maternity
  • Health top-up service
  • Food & drink provided in office
  • Enhanced holidays for length of service
  • Work-life balance
  • Employee-led think tanks
CSR - Environment responsibilities

For the Environment

More than ever, there is a responsibility on all of us to ensure that our impact on this world is a positive one. So that we can meet these responsibilities we are taking the following steps:

  • We pledge to be carbon neutral by 2030 guided by official carbon assessments
  • We plan to replace our entire vehicle fleet to electric by 2030
  • We have switched all our office lighting to efficient LEDs
  • We have reduced paper use by 90% by moving to online systems and energy-efficient electronic devices
  • We have switched to a renewable electricity energy supplier
  • We are committed to investing in carbon offset to reach our net-zero goal
CSR - Community and local charity support

For Our Community

We are proud to be part of our local community, and strive to support it as much as we can through donations to local charity organisations that make a positive difference to peoples lives. Our ongoing community support includes:

  • AdaptiveComms is a Community Link Foundation Sponsor

We make donations to a number of charities:

  • Meals for children
  • Local foodbanks
  • Southport Lifeboat Association
  • RockFM Presents for Xmas
  • Local Brownies
  • Local Inclusion Charity for the Elderly

Our CEO also volunteers for the Southport Deal Town Board, which seeks to plan investment in Southport as an advisory board to Sefton Council.


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