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Superfast Fibre Broadband

Business Grade Broadband

At AdaptiveComms we understand how critical a fast and reliable internet connection is to businesses; with so many business processes now reliant on the internet, we have carefully selected a range of high quality, business grade broadband solutions for our customers.

Below are some of the benefits available when choosing AdaptiveComms for your business broadband. Whether you simply want to surf the internet, send and receive emails, process online orders, download large files or have a web conference; whatever your usage and requirements we have a broadband package for you.


  • ADSL Broadband provides cost-effective entry-level internet access for online services
  • Unlimited Usage and speeds of up to 24MBps Download/ 8MBps Upload
  • AdaptiveComms ADSL broadband internet connections are delivered over copper circuits and provide a reliable secure connection
  • Cost-effective connections for businesses who have a low reliance on the internet
  • We offer unlimited usage to enable easy budgeting and eliminate unexpected over-usage costs
  • Quick, low cost set up and connection
  • Excellent customer service, high-quality technical support and fast fault resolution
Superfast Fibre Broadband

Need something faster?

FTTC – Fibre to the cabinet

  • Maintain the same speeds and performance levels even when multiple users are using your connection
  • FTTC is now available in the majority of locations across the UK
  • FTTC delivers faster speeds than ADSL broadband services, With unlimited usage and up to 80Mbps download / 20Mbps upload
  • FTTC is ideal for businesses who rely on the transfer of large files and use cloud-based applications
  • FTTC connections use the existing copper infrastructure from your premises to the street cabinet and fibre through to the local exchange and back to the core network
  • FTTC is a cost-effective solution for businesses not looking for SLA and guarantees offered with Leased Lines, EFM and GEA connections

The benefits of fibre optic Broadband

Share files and emails almost instantly, improving productivity and speeding up the flow of information within your business.

Enjoy the high performance from applications that need a lot of bandwidth, such as video and web conferencing, VoIP telephony and Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Integrate your internal voice and data networks to reduce costs and boost efficiency.

Take full advantage of new and existing IP-based technologies, cloud computing and responsive/hosted technologies.