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EFM & Leased Lines

Dedicated, Affordable, Scalable

AdaptiveComms offer dedicated Ethernet in the First Mile (EFM) and Leased Line solutions to businesses requiring a fast, reliable and dedicated internet access solution. With technical knowledge and experience on both solutions, we can help select the right solution and speeds for your business internet requirements.

We offer Direct Internet Access (DIA) EFM and Leased Line solutions from all the major UK carriers at the most competitive prices. All our solutions come with a managed router and are proactively managed 24/7.



Guaranteed symmetrical connectivity

from 1Mbps up to 1Gbps


Business Continuity

100% availability SLA, with optional

backup circuit to handle failover automatically


Scalable and secured

Highly scalable bandwidth with rock

solid reliability

EFM and Leased Lines are ideal for:

  • Multi-site companies that rely on centralised sales, ERP or CRM systems
  • Businesses that require high-grade connectivity for daily operation
  • Organisations looking to build and extend networks and infrastructure
  • Deploying high-quality voice, data and hosted services
  • Businesses that employ data-hungry critical applications

If you fit one or more of these categories

Ethernet First Mile (EFM)


EFM is an extremely fast, cost-effective and resilient option for small and medium-sized businesses that need a large bandwidth or have outgrown standard Broadband. It uses bundles of copper pairs bonded together, making it faster and more resilient than traditional connections.

Our EFM packages offer guaranteed minimum speeds from 2Mbps to 35Mbps, supported by Service Level Agreements and 24/7 monitoring by a technical support team.


  • Speeds up to 35MB
  • Choose from 2-pair or 4-pair copper
  • Uncontended service
  • VPN?s for site-to-site connections
  • Proactive fault monitoring
  • Free install option

Leased Lines


Leased lines are dedicated, private connections that offer unrivalled security and resilience and super-fast upload/download speeds of up to 10Gbps, supported by Service Level Agreements. Leased lines can either connect your premises to the internet or provide a private link between buildings connecting two sites within a 25km radius.

They’re an ideal solution if your company relies heavily upon fast, uninterrupted connectivity, and can be used for any combination of voice, data, video and internet traffic.

  • Speeds from 5MB ?to 1 GB available
  • Easily Scaleable
  • Uses Ethernet fibre technology
  • Uncontended service
  • Proactive fault monitoring
  • Free install option