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About The Client

Swansway Motor Group is an ever-growing multi-franchise care dealer group which represents 9 brands with 25 locations across the North West, as well as the Midlands and North Wales. At first, the company was founded in 2003 when the Symth family bought 3 Audi Garages in the Crewe area. Since then, they have grown to 25 sites, as well as a call centre and accident repair centre.

The Situation

  • Firstly, the business wanted to move from an ageing phone system that no longer met their evolving communication needs.
  • Additionally, the existing phone system worked in the call centre, however had little Disaster Recovery and limited functionality by modern standards.
  • Lastly, the customer wanted to market test and had trailed systems from other providers, however were unable to find anyone able to manage both the complexity of their need and their internal network which is multi-layered.

The Clients Words

Presently, AdaptiveComms has been a supplier for over 20 years. They now handle all our telephony and related DR across 25 sites. After reviewing the market there was no-one else I felt was able to provide the right mix of service, quality and technical know-how.

They have proved knowledgeable, and they just make it work. With over a thousand staff, I need to be able to rely absolutely on our communication provider, and I can.

AdaptiveComms have proved an able, agile and reliable partner.


How Did
We Help?

In view of Swansway Motor Group becoming more successful and expanding to numerous new sites, the business’ needs also continued to evolve. At this instant, they saw the need to upgrade their existing phone systems. Of course, this was something AdaptiveComms were more than capable of providing.

Following this, AdaptiveComms consulted with all the stakeholders at Swansway and reviewed what worked, what didn’t and what they would like to improve. In any case, AdaptiveComms always work very hard to deliver the right solution.

We helped:

  • Firstly we carefully mapped the system architecture to allow each branch and brand to seamlessly interact with each other, as well as the contact centres.
  • Secondly, we created Horizon Contact agents and supervisors and planned and set up the contact centre system.
  • Correspondingly, we delivered a complete roll out of the Horizon hosted phone systems across all sites, in addition to decommissioning and disposing (in an environmentally friendly manor) of the old systems.
  • By the same token, we installed desktop apps, physical handset and mobile app for every user. In short, this created a multi-environment system which allows all users to be able to work wherever they are. As a result, flexibility and productivity for employees and employers alike increased.
  • Presently we provide ongoing maintenance and support to systems. Henceforth, we were able to ensure a smooth operation and optimal performance.
  • Another key point is that we were able to integrate Horizon with the business’s mobile phones, also supplied by AdaptiveComms. As a result, all were managed in one place.
  • Finally, we set up full call recording regardless of device.

In conclusion, we continue to provide ongoing support for Swansway Motor Group as they continue to grow with their success!

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