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- Southport Market Case Study -

About The Client

Southport Market is a local food market inspired by the European culture of social eating. Here, they embracing local produce and fresh ingredients. Later in 2021, Southport Market revamped their market, in order to create an eclectic and unique interior for all guests to enjoy.

The Situation

  • Since the new market revamp and extension, the team needed a strong internal network and cabling throughout the building.
  • Furthermore, their current WIFI and connectivity has been causing various issues. As a result, they were in need of a change in order to cater for their live events.
  • Moreover, the broadband bandwidth was not able to meet the requirements of the market. Therefore, the market was seeking a stronger, faster and reliable broadband provider.

The Clients Words

AdaptiveComms provided a thorough service from start to finish, undoubtedly helping Southport Market get quickly connected and on it’s feet again ready for a fresh new face of customers.

The engineers not only did a fantastic job surveying and installing the equipment, but also gave us little to no disruption in line with our refurbishment schedule. Would highly recommend!

Dennis RyderOperations Officer

How Did
We Help?

Following their leap into extending their market, Southport Market needed an abundance of work done to suit their vision. For that reason, the market came to AdaptiveComms, another local Southport-based business.

At first, Southport Market contacted AdaptiveComms for their cabling. However, once seeing our services, we planned and performed installations and set up for their WiFi and telecommunications.

We helped:

  • Firstly, we upgraded their internet access with a 1GB leased line and 100mb back up. Subsequently, the market had seamless communication on site. Additionally, the communication worked well remotely with an added security of the back up.
  • At the same time, the market wanted to remain informed on timescales for the installation process. With this in mind, our team conducted regular reviews.
  • What’s more, we provided expert planning and delivery of a top class Wi-fi and connectivity solution. As a result, the market was kept running efficiently and smoothly.

To summarise, Southport Market was looking and performing better than ever, certainly continuing to grow in popularity. With incredible events, food and social gatherings coupled with a strong and reliable network, the market goes on without any worries regarding connectivity and WiFi!

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