Our Packages Include

Softphone Integration

Ensure your servers are running smoothly is crucial for safeguarding your critical data and information. Overall, our telecoms experts are here to keep your systems optimised and protected against any potential disruptions or complications.

Line Checks

Keep your costs low with our hosted IT support. We take care of and maintain your critical systems in our cloud infrastructure at length, negating the need for on-site support and physical hardware.

Equipment Audits

Don’t let poor performance get in the way of profit. Instead, trust our experts to perform full-scale audits on your equipment to check their heath and reliability. Keep your operations running smoothly.

Next Level Communication Just Got Smarter

In a fast paced world of business, communication above all is key to succeeding and being productive. Therefore, your business shouldn’t settle for a phone system lacking in features your staff needs. Whether you’re a small business, public sector or multisite, we can provide a variety of business phone systems tailored to your needs.

Not only will you experience higher efficiency and features, but also switching to a VoIP system can save a business on average between 30% – 50%. With over 21 years in the IT & Telecommunications sector, our expert team of advisors know a wide range of comprehensive business phone systems and can provide packages and solutions that will help enhance your connectivity. Additionally, we can provide on-site audits/visits or arrange a remote consultation to walk through specific requirements.

Along with your phone systems, we provide flexible support packages can be tailored to your infrastructure. Whether it is maintenance for specific devices or regular health checks, we have you covered. View our range of phone systems below.

Our Phone System Packages


We can provide Xelion phone systems that are packed full of useful features and can be easily administered with a simple but powerful application either from your computer or from a mobile device. Handset integration is also supported allowing your team to manage calls anywhere.

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The Horizon phone system makes your communication easier to manage! We can provide packages that offer fixed and mobile capabilities and an easy to navigate web portal for administration, allowing you to take full control of your telephony when and where you need it.

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Frequently Asked Questions

A business phone system is a multi-line phone system typically used in business environments, encompassing various features like call routing, voicemail, conferencing and more.

There are several types including traditional landline systems, VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) systems and virtual phone systems.

Key features of a business phone system include call forwarding, voicemail, auto-attending, call recording, conferencing and integration with other business tools.

As part of our services we can port any existing numbers you might have from a previous setup to your new business phones.

Our VoIP business phone systems are extremely reliable and have the ability to forward to a mobile device or backup line in the event of a disruption.

Yes our range of VoIP business phone systems have the unique ability to be able to allow users to work remotely from multiple locations such as a home or secondary office.

Absolutely, our business phone systems can integrate with CRM software, email services and other applications for enhanced functionality.


Based on 13 reviews
Matthew Hayes
Matthew Hayes
We have been with adaptive communications for over 5 years, Chris & Steph have been absolutely fantastic in terms of customer service and communication. I know they are on hand for any issues we ever have (in which we never have really had any problems) and if we did I know they would be sorted straight away. overall excellent company to deal with :)
daniel lawson
daniel lawson
We have used Adaptive Comms for many years at Tranter Ltd. Despite a multitude of companies calling to ask if they can give us a quote for similar work we always tell them the same thing: "Adaptive Comms are one of our most valued and trusted suppliers - even if you offer a substantial discount we would not consider moving due to their exemplary service, response time and added value". The team at Adaptive are great, with special mentions to Joe, Rob & Katie.
Clifton Trade Bathrooms
Clifton Trade Bathrooms
We have worked with Adaptive Comms for around 10 years and find them super responsive when we need support, and low maintenance to deal with as a service provider. We routinely get the same knowledgeable people on our account, whether that's over the phone or on-site, so they understand any issues quickly and can fix them. They started off providing us with mobile telephones, and over the years have taken on our landlines, broadband, network connectivity & security, and now also do all of our PC support. As we have grown to 25 different sites of varying sizes & complexities, Adaptive Comms have helped us set up & manage them in a consistent way, whether that is physical set-up or remote support. We have gone through a cross-costing exercise on a number of occasions and they have come out as good value. I recommend them highly.
Enzo Petrasso
Enzo Petrasso
We have been using Adaptive communications for over 5 years. With Multiple sites, we needed a company to take the hassle of comm's away under one umbrella. Adaptive did this excellently, with flawless ease, excellent account management, proactiveness and professionalism. Highly recommend to any organisation.
graylaw freight
graylaw freight
Excellent service, always helpful, all staff are lovely and friendly. Would highly recommend.
Andrew Booth
Andrew Booth
We recently moved offices and took a new phone system from Adaptive. In terms of pre move, installation and set up they were really helpful and very responsive. Post move they have also been really quick to respond and support both training queries and minor issues.
Stephen Proctor
Stephen Proctor
We've been with James and the Adaptive team for a long time now and their service is second to none. They look after us very well, nothing is too much trouble and would highly recommend.
Gary Harrison
Gary Harrison
I've used Adaptive Comms since they first started many years ago. The service they provide is second to none, they're knowledgeable, rapid and very friendly, a delight to do business with. They are the company that I judge all other companies against.

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Get in touch with the team today for all your needs and requirements surrounding Business Phone Systems. Our experts can help setup and configure the perfect infrastructure for your telephony and for existing systems offer emergency support 24/7. Whether it is a line fault or additional setup needed across several systems we have you covered.