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How to avoid expensive data roaming charges abroad

We’ve all heard horror stories of friends, family or colleagues receiving large mobile bills following a trip abroad. This is because smartphones and tablets automatically seek out connections in order to install updates; if you aren’t equipped with a data roaming bolt-on, or aren?t aware of the networks charges for data usage abroad, you may… Read More»

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Ofcom proposal: Continuing to provide our customers with a high quality and fair service

This week AdaptiveComms were pleased to hear that Ofcom (the UK?s telecommunications regulator) have announced a proposal on mid contract price rises for landline, broadband and mobile services offered to consumers and small businesses. The notice aims to protect small businesses from mid contract price rises through allowing customers to exit a fixed term contract… Read More»

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Support for Windows XP Ends April 8th, 2014

Microsoft are calling an end to Windows XP support. Any business running Windows XP Service Pack 3 (SP3) will no longer be able to receive security updates,?non-security hotfixes, free or paid assisted support option or online technical content updates. This means that if an exploit is found, no security patches will be available, leaving your… Read More»

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Nursery and primary care charity receive a new PC

AdaptiveComms donate a new PC to the Shoreside Out of School Services (SOS). Shoreside Out of School Services in Southport are a care charity for children aged between?3 and 11 years. The IT facilities at Shoreside Out of School are an integral part of the learning and enjoyment of the children, as well as the… Read More»

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Loan any HP product for 2 weeks

AdaptiveComms can provide businesses with HP Evaluation Units. Evaluation Units allow you to try out any HP product, from tablets, to work stations for up to 2 weeks. I spoke to Steve, a member of our in-house IT team to find out more about the evaluation unit scheme. If I wanted to loan a HP… Read More»

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Smarter Everyday: Mobile Mastery

How does technology effect our psychology? How can we use technology better in our working lives? Below is an article from Nokia SlideShare discussing technology, the changes it has had on our lives, and how to better embrace technological advances to improve efficiency and speed. [slideshare id=26228036&doc=mobilemasteryfinal-130916054054-phpapp01&type=d]

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Connection Voucher Scheme; A grant of up to ?3000 available to cover the cost of installation of a high speed broadband connection

AdaptiveComms are proud to announce that we have achieved registered supplier status for the Government Connection Voucher Scheme. The government have created a connection voucher scheme, offering a grant of up to ?3000 to cover the cost of installation of any high speed broadband connectivity solutions. The scheme is part of the SuperConnected Cities programme.… Read More»

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Phone Phreaking; How to Prevent Phone System Hacking

Phone phreaking; How to prevent phone system hacking Phone phreaking is a form of hacking that applies to telephone networks. Hackers, usually based abroad, tap into the business? phone systems and take control of the lines to gain free phone services. Often the hackers use the lines for costly international calls, or to dial premium… Read More»

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Are biometrics set to improve business security?

The iPhone 5S was released last week; one of it?s most noted and discussed features is the Touch ID finger print scanner. The finger print scanner is located discreetly in the home screen button, and? allows users to unlock their phones with one touch. Entering a four digit PIN at the ATM may not be… Read More»

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BYOD schemes; How do they work?

Bring your own device, sometimes known as bring your own technology/phone or PC is a strategy that and allows employees to use their personal devices at the work place, and grant these devices access to?company files and applications in a secure and controlled way. Corporations generally provide business phones to their customer facing employees, but… Read More»

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