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7 reasons to choose Nokia Lumia

1. Simple Integration With its Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems, Nokia Lumia will integrate seamlessly with your existing Microsoft PC?s and IT infrastructure. Applications such as Microsoft Office, Lync, SharePoint and calendar will sync perfectly across your devices 2.?????? Apps that work across devices Windows Phone is the only platform to come with mobile version… Read More»

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Don’t neglect your MultiFunction Printer Security..

We tend to think of MFP?s as purely printing devices ? however a modern MFP that is able to scan, print, copy and fax documents is a highly sophisticated piece?of equipment that usually contains a hard disk drive (HDD), a web server, and its own IP address. It captures and stores data and is, in… Read More»

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AdaptiveComms Partner with Global Leader in Digital Protection

AdaptiveComms have partnered with award winning antivirus and security software provider ESET. The partnership enables AdaptiveComms to offer customers a wide range of online security protection from the global leader in digital protection. ESET software protects over 130 million users worldwide ? offering solutions that are ideal for anyone; from a single home user to… Read More»

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2 Weeks to Protect your Sensitive Computer Data from Powerful Virus

Internet users have been warned that they have 2 weeks to protect their computers against malicious virus ?GameOver Zeus?. The virus, alongside malware ?Cryptolocker? is being used by criminal gangs to extort millions of pounds from internet users worldwide. The 2 week warning from The National Crime Agency came after a multi-national FBI led operation… Read More»

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Why do small businesses need professional IT support?

Many small businesses see IT support as an option not a necessity. But once a problem occurs, like your server crashing, or email stops connecting, where do you go for support? Small business owners often find themselves in a situation where they need to resolve the problem independently- they become the trouble shooter and problem… Read More»

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The Connection Voucher Scheme: Why you should upgrade to a faster broadband speed

About the author: Kerry is writing for the broadband comparison website Broadband Genie. High-speed internet has become increasingly important for businesses this decade. Many are struggling with the limitations of their connection and worry that its slowness is costing them business. Fortunately for UK based businesses, the government has introduced a scheme that will put… Read More»

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The Heartbleed bug; is it time to improve your online account security

One of the biggest security threats the internet has ever seen could be putting your sensitive online account information at risk. Heartbleed is a security bug; essentially a programming error that leaves all forms of internet data open to hackers. The bug has affected many popular services and websites that you might use every day,… Read More»

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AdaptiveComms Managing Director, Brayshaw meets the Labour Party leader at Manchester Metropolitan University, Centre for Enterprise

Ed Milliband, Leader of the Labour Party?visited?Manchester Metropolitan?University, Centre for Enterprise on Friday 28 March 2014. Labour leader?Ed Miliband outlined his vision for the country?s small businesses at Manchester Metropolitan University?s renowned hub for enterprise and entrepreneurship.?He saw first-hand the work done by MMU?s Centre for Enterprise?(CfE), which helps small and medium-sized firms achieve success.… Read More»

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Online Privacy: Do you know who you are sharing data with?

Facebook, Google, and more than a thousand other companies collect data about you online. Most of us are aware that we can adjust our privacy settings on most social platforms, but isn?t this sometimes time consuming or complicated to navigate? Not only does social media pose a risk to your online privacy, but over 1,200… Read More»

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Supporting the Southport BID

The Southport Business Improvement District (BID) aims to deliver a boost to trade in the town by delivering an investment fund of ?2.4 million to go toward improvements around the town and promotion of the local area as an exciting visitor and shopping destination. Local businesses will be voting for or against the BID in… Read More»

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