What Is The Better Purchasing Framework?

Through this framework AdaptiveComms can provide a powerful and effective solution to connect and manage your practices, empower your patients and benefit the incredibly hardworking staff in healthcare.

How Adaptive Phone Helps Your Patients And Staff

  • Patient experience is improved.
  • EMIS integration with click to dial support.
  • Patient ID based screen popping.
  • Call routing for vulnerable and VIP patients.
  • Bespoke call alerts for care workers and critical care.
  • Customisable on the phone surveys and feedback input.
  • Cloud sync for collective system and device updates.
  • Secure PIN, remote lock to prevent unauthorized access.
  • Standardised action buttons to help streamline operations.
  • Highly scalable hardware, with mapping and transfer capabilities.
  • Auto call-back feature to avoid queue waiting with SMS capabilities.
Patient Connect - Features

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Healthcare Case Studies

Has Your GP Made The Switch?

Hundreds of billions of pounds a year are invested in making the UK Health System a world leader. In fact, the NHS alone treats over a million patients every 36 hours. Without a doubt the need to communicate in such a critical sector is vital, therefore it calls for a reliable communication platform.

Adaptive Phone from Gamma Horizon provides simple, easy to use gp phone systems that addresses many of the communications challenges faced by today’s healthcare professionals. NHS England developed the Better Purchasing Framework to provide recommended suppliers to procure gp phone systems. As part of the 2023/2024 changes in contract, all GP practices and surgeries will be require to procure their solutions from the framework once their current contacts expire. There will be plenty of support available if practices and surgeries desire this move in 2023/2024.

For more information about this please visit the NHS national commercial and procurement hub.

Furthermore by the end of 2027 the CBT (Cloud Based Telephony) national framework will take full priority as the shutdown of analogue ISDN and PSTN lines occurs. All analogue systems will require an upgrade system to be implemented into the system.