Streamlining Reception Staff Responsibilities

Empowering Administrative Users and Reception Staff with Efficient Solutions

During the 8am rush, reception staff are faced with many tasks. From the influx of calls to navigating through patient records, booking appointments, urgent calls and so much more. As a result, it is a demanding role, requiring a lot of multitasking, resilience and commitment.

We understand the importance of supporting administrative users and reception staff to streamline their tasks and improve patient service. With this purpose in mind, we can offer time saving solutions for those repetitive admin tasks and efficient call management for reception staff.

Listed below are some of the features Adaptive Phone provides for receptionists and administrative users in order to help simplify these tasks.

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Solutions Designed For Clinical Staff

  • Automatic Patient ID And Record Switching: Reception staff can streamline inbound calls by automatically identifying patients and switching to their records.  This helps save your team valuable time.
  • Automatic Patient Callback: Patients can virtually hold their place in the queue without staying on the phone. This significantly reduces pressure on reception teams, and minimising patient frustration.
  • Call Recording and Live Wallboards: Display real-time waiting times to manage patient expectations. Additionally, call recording helps deter abusive behaviour from patients and provides protection for receptionists.
  • The Campaign Dialler: This tool assists in organising bookings, e.g. for flu vaccinations, in a highly efficient manner. Automating the process of reaching out to patients streamlines scheduling tasks, ensuring appointments are efficiently arranged.
  • Outbound SMS Reminders: Our system sends automatic SMS messages to patients, providing reminders or confirming appointments. This proactive approach significantly reduces the number of missed appointments, ultimately saving the practice both time and money.

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Adaptive Phone is designed to make patient’s lives much easier and get them the medical attention and advice they need as effectively as possible.

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