Primary Care Networks Delivering Collaboration And Scalability

Empowering Primary Care Networks (PCNs) with Cloud-Based Collaboration

Our versatile telephony and video solution offers a cloud-based collaboration platform tailored to meet the evolving needs of PCNs.


Adaptive Phone enhances communication between both patients and practices in Primary Care Networks in England using cloud-based technology.

Accordingly, Adaptive Phone is aligned with the national initiative for ‘digital-first’ primary care. Thus meaning this solution facilitates the establishment of regional patient-practice communication networks. As a result, this helps enable both centralisation and standardisation of functions.

Through this, patients are empowered with greater control over care delivery. Here, they can promote continuous review processes and fostering innovation in primary care models. Seamless integration of digital technology ensures patients can easily access necessary attention and treatment, while healthcare professionals deliver efficient and effective care.

Solutions Designed For Patients

  • Automated Call Back: Patients no longer need to wait on hold. Once they call, their place is reserved, and they’ll receive a callback when it’s their turn. This saves both time and money.
  • Integrated Patient Records: When patients contact the practice, their information is readily available to any staff member, eliminating delays and frustration.
  • Critical Care Call Routing: For vulnerable patients and those that need requirement routing. Adaptive Phone can quickly direct their call to the appropriate personnel.
  • Omnichannel Access: Patients can choose how to contact the practice – whether by phone, website, email, or app, Adaptive Phone provides all these options for convenience.

How Cloud Communications Benefit PCNs

Team Work

  • Easily call or message available colleagues, whether in the practice or working remotely.
  • See the status of colleagues who may work in different practices.
  • Access a central directory of all PCN staff members.


  • Create a seamless working environment from any location.
  • Surgery Connect Phonebar enables integrated communications on any device.
  • One-click access to patient contact details.

Shared Resources

  • Consolidate telephony into one collaborative and central contact point, saving both money and time with cross-site communication.
  • Manage call volumes efficiently by balancing workload across multiple sites.
  • Delivery hub groups that deal with a particular patient need, such as vaccination hub.

Management Information

  • View real-time call information across all locations.
  • Compare individual practice performance.
  • Centralised logging and recording of calls for auditing and reporting.

Enhance Practice Communication

By implementing a single hosted telephony system, PCNs ensure a consistent patient experience across all sites.

Standardised Comms, Normal
Standardised Comms, Patient Connect

Centralising Care

By implementing a single hosted telephony system, PCNs ensure a consistent patient experience across all sites.

Adaptive Phone Also Supports


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Clinical Staff

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Practice Managers

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Healthcare Case Studies

Big Enough To Do It

Small Enough To Care

Adaptive Phone is designed to make patient’s lives much easier and get them the medical attention and advice they need as effectively as possible.

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