Enhancing Patient Experience

Adaptive Phone is designed with the patient in mind. Above all, Adaptive Phone is all about ensuring patients receive the medical attention and advice they need promptly and efficiently. As a result, 48% of GP surgeries use and trust Adaptive Phone to deliver the best service to their patients.

We recognise the challenges patients face when trying to reach their busy GP practice. With this purpose in mind, we partnered with Gamma Horizon in order to provide innovative technology solutions to simplify and secure the process.

Together with Gamma Horizon, we can offer a reliable, innovative phone system that is easy for all to use. In fact, here are some of the features listed below that your patients will benefit from.

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Solutions Designed For Patients

  • Automated Call Back: Patients no longer need to wait on hold. When a patient calls, their place is stated and then is reserved. Once it is their turn, the patient will then receive a callback. As a result, this saves both time and money.
  • Integrated Patient Records: When a patient contact the practice, their information will become readily available to any staff member. Therefore the likelihood of any delays or frustrations are eliminated.
  • Critical Care Call Routing: This is for vulnerable patients and those that need requirement routing. Without reservation, Adaptive Phone can quickly direct their call to the appropriate personnel to take care of the patient.
  • Omnichannel Access: Not every patient wants to call a GP. With this in mind, Adaptive Phone allows for patients to choose how to contact the practice. Whether by phone, website, email, or app, Adaptive Phone provides all these options for convenience.

Adaptive Phone Also Supports

Clinical Staff

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Practice Managers

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Healthcare Case Studies

Big Enough To Do It

Small Enough To Care

Adaptive Phone is designed to make patient’s lives much easier and get them the medical attention and advice they need as effectively as possible.

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