Facilitating Better Patient Care

Adaptive Phone revolutionises healthcare for clinical staff by seamlessly integrating clinical systems like EMIS and SystemOne. As a result, making phone and video appointments has never been easier for both patients and for clinical staff. This in turn allows for smoother internal communication and coordination amongst healthcare professionals.

By centralising communication channels and optimising workflow efficiency, it allows for clinical staff to deliver a higher standard of care.

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Solutions Designed For Clinical Staff

  • Integrated Communication: Instead of manually dialling, doctors and clinicians can call or text patients directly from their patient record system with just one click. This saves time and reduces mistakes.
  • Secure Communication Records: All messages, call logs, and other interactions are automatically saved and added to the patient’s record. This keeps communication safe and organised.
  • Flexible Working: Whether working from home or in the clinic, healthcare professionals can use the same technology. They can make and receive calls or handle inquiries from anywhere.
  • Easy Transition to Video Calls: During a phone call, staff can switch to a video consultation with just one click if it’s appropriate, without interrupting the conversation.

Adaptive Phone Also Supports


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Practice Managers

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Healthcare Case Studies

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Adaptive Phone is designed to make patient’s lives much easier and get them the medical attention and advice they need as effectively as possible.

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