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7 reasons to choose Nokia Lumia

1. Simple Integration
With its Microsoft Windows 8 operating systems, Nokia Lumia will integrate seamlessly with your existing Microsoft PC?s and IT infrastructure. Applications such as Microsoft Office, Lync, SharePoint and calendar will sync perfectly across your devices

2.?????? Apps that work across devices

Windows Phone is the only platform to come with mobile version of Microsoft?s most popular desktop applications including Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote ? as standard. Full synchronisation means that if you?re editing a document on your PC, the changes will appear straight away on your Lumia!

3.?????? Uncompromised security

With a range of inbuilt security- designed specifically for business, your Lumia will meet the needs of even the most stringent IT requirements. Features like remote lock and wipe and hardware encryption keep your emails, contact and documents safe.

4.?????? Navigation and location

Travel is a common aspect of most business persons working life; equip yourself with the best navigation tools to help get you where you want to be ? when you want to be there. Get accurate turn-by-turn navigation with Nokia Drive, get around on public transport with Nokia Transit and find points of interest with augmented reality app, Nokia City Lens.

5.?????? Customisable

Each different user can personalise their start screen and device to show they?re favourite and most used apps ? making things faster, easier and more efficient.

6. ? ? ?Communication and collaboration

Keep in touch with colleagues and acquaintances with the easy to manage People Hub; create groups to make messaging and conversations between teams quick and easy. Microsoft Lync is also available ? letting you see your colleagues? online status at a glance.

7. ? ? Range of models and price points

From entry level to power user, you get complete consistency across the range. The Lumia comes in a range of models and price points that allows you to align the type of phone you want to the requirements of your employees.