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Xelion Hosted Phone System for Remote Workers

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Plug  your  handset in at home and replicate your office setup

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☑ 6 months Half Price Hosted VoIP Phone System

Free Unlimited UK Local, National & Mobile Minutes

 Extensive features from Call Recording, Call Listening, Music on Hold, Voicemail to Email as standard

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 Integration with your computer and mobile so your team can work from anywhere

☑ Fixed cost of only £7.49* per user

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Receive a free spend analysis of your current phone system. We’ll identify cost saving opportunities, and with our 6 months half price hosted phone system offer you’ll be saving more than you could imagine.

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There will be no disruption to your business and your operations will remain uninterrupted. We will seamlessly switch you over to your new phone system, backed by our first-class award-winning customer service team.

*Normal price £14.99 per user. Subject to minimum contract length, credit check and terms and conditions E&OE.

No limitations with a Xelion Hosted Phone System

Helping you work seamlessly between home and the office.

Business phone systems don’t have to be complicated. In fact, they should make your life easier, whatever your business size or budget. Ideal for flexible working, the Xelion VoIP phone system is so much more than just a business phone.

Xelion enables you to work from anywhere and optimise your efficiency and performance. This is done through a suite of standard features, including advanced call routing, call recording, real-time reporting, and accessibility any time, and from any device.

Xelion Empowers Collaborationis Scalable to Your Needsis Easy to ManageUnifies Mobiles & Fixed Phonesis Highly Flexibleis Cost EffectiveWorks on PCs & Laptops

Empowers Collaboration

You can access Xelion via your desk phone, PC, laptop or mobile, enabling employees to work anywhere regardless of location, device or time.

Scalable to Your Needs

Xelion offers the flexibility to scale and add new features over time, without having to change platforms or increase the cost per user.

Fully Connected Desktop Devices

Xelion offers a range of voice-call features, instant messaging, email, video calling and desk sharing, all from your PC or laptop.

One Licence Fits All

Unlike many other cloud systems, Xelion operates on an inclusive, one licence per user basis making it an easy to manage and cost-effective option for many businesses.

Complete Visibility and Management

View call history, company address books, call statistics, call recording and wall boards from one powerful and easy to use platform. Manage your environment, whilst maximising productivity.

Fixed and Mobile Become One

Our hosted VoIP phone system solution unifies fixed and mobile connectivity regardless of network, allowing you to put advanced office phone features on your mobile. Features such as hold, transfer, conferencing, instant messaging and call recording.

Flexible Working Solution

Thanks to the cloud, you can take Xelion anywhere. Ideal for remote and flexible working, simply connect to WiFi and everything will work the same as if you were still in the office. That includes diverts, transfers, hunt groups and all your other settings.

What is VoIP?

VoIP is an acronym for Voice over Internet Protocol. VoIP provides the ability to make and receive calls digitally over an internet connection.

You can use a VoIP phone like a regular phone. A VoIP phone can do everything a regular landline or mobile phone can. The only difference is that your voice is communicated via an internet connection rather than copper lines.

Some of the benefits of a VoIP phone system include enabling users to make and join calls from multiple devices, from business phone handsets, mobiles, tablets to softphones via laptops and PCs meaning your teams can work from anywhere.

You may be surprised to know that switching to VoIP won’t be an expensive process. Plus, with low-cost calls being one of the major benefits of VoIP, switching to VoIP would be an extremely cost-efficient upgrade. As well as lowering the cost per call versus a traditional phone network, VoIP also offers a huge amount of flexibility for businesses with its ease of scalability enabling you to add or remove users to the service very easily.

To make a call, you simply dial a number, as you would with a traditional phone. The VoIP system we provide is hosted, meaning the PBX element is held in a secure data centre.

Is a VoIP Phone System suitable for my business?

A hosted VoIP phone system is suitable for both small and large businesses across almost every industry. As well as offering a huge amount of flexibility for businesses, it can lower the cost per call versus a traditional phone network saving you lots of money.

If your business experiences a sudden growth and you find yourself with a number of new staff members, you’ll be able to adjust your VoIP package adding users with ease. Here at AdaptiveComms, with our 6 months half price offer, we will be able to quickly make any necessary adjustments, adding users and providing handsets for free in the shortest possible time.

You’ll find a lot of extra features available with VoIP phone systems, too. Features and cost-savings will vary depending on what VoIP system you choose, and which provider you select, but those with our industry-leading Xelion phone system can look forward to a range of beneficial features designed to make your working day even easier, efficient and productive. Examples include integration and apps on all devices, call recording, call reporting, presence, instant messaging and much more.

Switch to a Hosted VoIP Phone System With Ease

Since 2003, we’ve been helping our clients to choose the right telephone system for their business, optimising their efficiency and performance.

Switching to VoIP at AdaptiveComms is an easy and smooth process, and our services will always be completely tailored to you.

We offer a fully managed business phone system, call and line migration service. You can be confident that switching to AdaptiveComms as your business telephone provider, there will be no disruption to your business and your operations will remain uninterrupted. Our business phone system installation services are seamless and are backed by a first-class award-winning customer service team.

Let us help you save you money on your business telecoms with our six months half price Xelion hosted VoIP phone system offer. Contact us today, and let’s talk about how we can help you.

Client Testimonials

AdaptiveComms has been our telephony supplier for over thirteen years, handling all our telephony and our DR for resilience across 17 sites. With hundreds of staff, I need to be able to rely absolutely on our communications provider. AdaptiveComms have proved an able, agile and reliable partner.

IT Manager - North West multi-site car dealership

AdaptiveComms has saved my business money by managing our phone lines, mobile contracts,  IT hardware, software support and network management. Our infrastructure can be serviced by one company, making routine maintenance more effective, and the business has access to specialists and a greater consistency of execution.

Owner - North West Trader of Bathroom & Tiles

Adaptive is worth its weight in gold. Our remote setup during a worldwide pandemic has enabled our employees to be able to work from home effectively ensuring maximum productivity and to keep communicating. It has been a game-changer, we’ve now adopted a new way of conducting business, offering our employees a better work/life balance.

Director - Public Relations Agency

I first assigned my mobile phone contracts to AdaptiveComms in 2007. Now, AdaptiveComms supports all of my company’s telecommunication and IT needs, including landlines and IT support.

My billing and support calls are simpler and overall easier to manage. The team are professional, helpful and will go out of their way to ensure that I am happy with both the products and the service I am receiving.

Managing Director - North West Environmental Company


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